Second childishness

Older people are faced with a daunting prospect.

As Shakespeare put it:

“Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion;
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

At some stage, we humans have to accept that we need an intensive level of care in our old age. The return to a second childishness may happen gradually or suddenly. Importantly, we humans can prepare for its arrival beforehand. We know it is coming, unquestionably.

One important factor I can see is the shift in mindset required. To accept what has always been ignored – to ask for assistance after your peak, and after already learning how to live a successful life – this shift is monumental.

Ideas, exchanges and vibes.

One of the best things about my beautiful and lovely wife is her enthusiasm for new ideas and improvements. When she becomes enthusiastic about something you can’t help but be swept up in the excitement. I love when she tries to persuade me of an idea. I see these exchanges as the beginning of a process where as a couple we make something happen. The process seems to follow a pattern.

First – If my wife gets excited about an idea, strange things start to happen. She bursts into song and the birds and forest animals start to appear. The whole world is entranced by her melody and everything works in perfect harmony.

Ok, Maybe that was a Disney flick, but my point still stands. If she gets excited, There is definitely a new vibe in the room. I have started to recognise and register this vibe. This vibe leads to great things. Her eyes look deeper and darker. She becomes energised. At this stage in the process everything is Still a fantasy. There are no boundaries with fantasies. There is no perspective, just pure excitement and ideas.

Next in the process, We start talking about the exciting ideas. We start a long exchange. Once an exchange happens, I like to think we bring some perspective and common sense to the idea. It’s almost as if Fantasies can slowly become real, if you talk about them long and hard.

Next, we have some perspective and so we can make decisions. In the final moments of an exchange we divide responsibilities and make real world decisions about making things better, or about making better things.

Sometimes these ideas don’t work. But sometimes they do, and they invariably start with “that vibe”. I am constantly watching for that vibe now. The process has worked too many times now to ignore it!

Happy Wednesday chimps.

Monster weekends

We have had a monster of a weekend. About the most monster weekend possible without drugs or alcohol.

Intentional monsters were created (Halloween) and non-intentional monsters too (ever seen a three year old still awake at 9pm after eating a bucket of sweets?).

We ran the full gamut, outdoors, indoors, public, private, home, away, work, play. Monster weekend.

I’m looking forward to Monday so that I can recover.

It’s a frickin’ beautiful life though, isn’t it?!

Happy Sunday, chimps.