Thoughts on the elderly

COVID has shed a light on my lack of appreciation for the elderly. I have been forced to register and think about the older people in my life who are far more susceptible to death from this awful pandemic.

This leads to a bit of a watershed moment in my mind. A curiosity which develops into a desire to help. I want to engage with the elderly more and I notice that the elderly are hard to engage with in the best of times. We do not enable them to take part in our societies, forums and technologies like we could. A few thoughts on this:

  • In my experience, Older people are sidelined into care homes and we don’t include them in day to day life very often. Perhaps they don’t want to be included but it is worth clarifying if this is the case.
  • There are entire university departments dedicated to bettering the plight of the elderly. This suggests things are not going so well for them at the moment.
  • The elderly’s relationship with Technology needs work. Tech has the potential to improve health and enable engagement. Often it isolates and frustrates the elderly people trying to use it.

I’ve always enjoyed talking to older people. Perhaps my new found curiosity will lead somewhere.

Remote drumming

Today was a first. I laid down a drum track using the iPad, and sent it overseas to my dad in Kenya for him to overlay guitar and vocals.

I know musicians have been doing this for ages, but Covid19 is forcing us to use the tools at our disposal and pushing us out of our comfort zones. For me that means sticking to a blogging commitment and producing music with family overseas.

I just love the internet.

Happy Sunday chimps.