The deciding factor

Our work can decide a large chunk of our lives. Particularly the location, but also many other more subtle things. Our job is, after all, where we spend most of our time. It can change our mood, our language, our sense of achievement.

I got in touch with a long lost friend of mine – the most Italian guy I ever met during my stay in Italy – he is now working in the middle east for an oil company. His written English is impeccable. When I knew him I would never have imagined him outside of Italy. Or writing a word of English. But often our work decides where we go, and of course we change over time as a result of our choices.

The pandemic has altered our company’s operations a little in that we are mostly working from home, depending on the client. There is both freedom and confinement in working from home. At home, I have noticed more lately that work has becomes the non-negotiable; “I have to, it’s for work!”

Even if the kids are going bananas, and even if the house, garden and dogs are a mess – work often decides a large chunk of our lives. Perhaps more so now in a pandemic when we all work from home. What we used to leave at the office, is now affecting our home life too.