I have always found feedback a tough pill to swallow. But, during a scientific experiment if you don’t get any feedback to modify your hypothesis, then you make no progress. Scientists if they are true to their craft want to fail as much as possible, on their way to a breakthrough.

Some of my colleagues – the best performers i know of – are always wanting and giving feedback. True, honest, brutal feedback so that they can go back to the drawing board and modify a piece of work on the way to shipping it to a client. It’s been a really slow realisation for me – but holy cow it is important. It is a pivotal part of effective work.

We forgot to feed our dog this morning (I know!). He offered me plenty of feedback to rectify the situation and now his stomach is full.

It is not my natural state to search for feedback, or to accept feedback easily, yet i understand how important it is. Perhaps my weakness is partly a hangover from school days. At school we were given accolades and marks based on remembering content, as opposed to assimilating feedback. Feedback was not really needed if you just remembered what was told to you – the result is that I got used to not needing much feedback. This worked fine until I wanted someone to pay me for anything I produced. Refinement was needed. Feedback was needed.