Board meetings are a strange beast. A clear role for board members is debating and approving the long-term strategic plan of the company. They can and should decide on important decisions about the leadership team – they are responsible for hiring or firing the CEO. This is important and keeps leadership accountable, however, it’s always useful to remember that the board is working for the company not the other way around.

Furthermore, The Board should not run a company. That is the role of the CEO and his/her senior management team. The Board’s job is to make sure the right team is at the helm, not to be at the helm themselves. Boards that meddle, that get too involved, that undermine the management team are hurting the company, not helping the company. (This passage comes from Fred Wilson at – an amazing resource)

My children sometimes need to be left alone. Whether they are figuring out a puzzle by themselves or having an argument with their siblings – sometimes the hardest thing as a parent is knowing when not to get involved.

I ate a lot of food yesterday. We had a family celebration for Mothers Day and for a family birthday. As a responsible occupant of this body I am forced to embark on a health binge – I had to intervene.

Happy Monday. Another week another streak.