How long is a piece of string?

Much of consulting work is an exercise in drawing lines in the sand and negotiating for precisely when a piece of work is finished. Will it be done when we save $xxx amount of money? Will your version of the document be the final draft and deliverable? Will your resources need to finish this project before they get paid? Is it enough to send you a timesheet with hours spent this month? Each project offers a different set of parameters to work with and to define. The skills for defining a project scope were simply not taught to us in school. But that’s a different topic.

There is a dance at the beginning of a project. The client’s needs and expectations need to be heard. Then a sufficient solution needs to be agreed upon. Note i said sufficient, not perfect. The pursuit of perfection has scuppered many a consulting project and sent it to the bin.

Winter seems to have hit Cape Town in the space of a few days. On Tuesday we had blistering sunshine, and now on Friday we have chill and rain. Rain brings decisions. Decisions on whether or not to mend the roof, to plant the flowers, to fix the damp spot in the walls. A house in winter is kind of like a consulting job. We need to agree on how much needs to be fixed for us to live at ease in the place. How long is a piece of string? A house is never perfect.

If I could, I would eat chocolate all night. Once a packet of chocolates is opened, I am a little like a labrador in that I don’t seem to have that “off” switch when I have had too much. I just keep eating until it’s all gone. How much is enough?

Third post in a row. Definitely a streak.