Thursday blog – a streak?

How do you market a consulting company? How do you get people to pay attention to a consulting company? Do you really listen to Deloitte or Accenture posts online? I don’t. And I help to run a similar business to them! For us at Caliba, marketing has historically involved very old school cold calling and networking, with a LinkedIn turbo boost. We are developing a more mature online presence with our website now functioning ( and the LinkedIn company site working well ( but the marketing is definitely reliant on a network of professionals who know us already. Reaching new audiences has in the past been left to the Australian partner company to manage, but now we are taking over the local SA presence – so this is a work in progress.

At home my dogs are driving me a little bit crazy. They bark and do their business on the lawn. They ALWAYS want to play. I find it more of an effort to walk them and play with them. I am having to force myself to pay attention to them. Four human kids are tough competition for any pet. I must keep up the vet visits and the walks. They’re really great dogs who deserve attention. It’s even harder to care for a pet when your kids fall sick. Winter is coming in Cape Town like Game Of Thrones, and so the snotty noses are in full force, much to my cocker spaniel’s disgust.

Paying attention versus thinking. These two things are different. Contradictory even. Paying attention is using your senses and often involves taking what is in front of you at face value. Thinking can lead you all over the place, across space and time. You can second guess a lot when you are thinking. You can be in one place but also be somewhere else when you are thinking. You cannot pay real attention to something if you are busy thinking too much. My self improvement thought of the day – less thinking, more paying attention. If only for the sake of the dogs.

Two posts in a row. A streak? Yes, a streak!