Wednesday night randrews

Work has been picking up lately. Even though we are still dealing with the prospect of an upcoming third wave of COVID, South Africa feels like it is functioning relatively normally and businesses are looking for help. Particularly the mining companies who have had a good year on the back of global demand. We have never been so busy.

Our busy-ness is of course compounded by our four children, and the fact that we are in the midst of selling our house. It is comical to watch the chaos, and then to watch real estate agents try and take photos of us in a good light for their websites! I’m looking forward to the move at the end of the month!

I saw a post with apocalyptic ecological messages on Facebook today. I used to get such anxiety over climate change, but now I think the messages themselves are misguided. The basic needs of conservation and environmental management have been hijacked by a quasi-religious insistence on doom. Often if taken to its logical conclusion, this line of Malthusian thinking calls for fewer humans and I don’t know who gets to decide on breeding rights!

I must not forget there is much to be thankful for and to admire in humanity. We can fix any environmental problems we face but we must look out for each other. I’m convinced it starts with uplifting the desperately poor. Environmental humanism then. This is a thing: see here

I want to blog every day. The start of a streak, then.