I’m not a scientist

I am trying to write carefully about myself. Carefully enough to help with self-understanding. My last post was about my lack of pursuit of music. This is about my relationship to science.

The scientific method was taught to me at about 10 years of age. It was a chemistry class. Throughout school, science and the scientific method was only for rooms filled with bunsen burners, test tubes and chemical compounds. I found it interesting to an extent, but I never learned that I could use the scientific method and principles that surround it in my real life. Instead I learned what was required for passing the exam.

Nearly thirty years later I am learning that this is something of a tragedy. I am not a scientist, and I do not practice the scientific method for anything. Ever. However I can now see how powerful this method is. More than anything I see that the scientific method is about failure. Failure is not celebrated in the traditional schooling system.

The most scientific people I have met are also the busiest. They are the most consistent. They are the most fearless. They achieve the most only as a bi-product of their approach to life. They are the most satisfied and driven. They are not the most accurate. True science is messy and constantly searching for feedback on which to improve the venture. It is constantly failing and moving and trying again.

So I am not a scientist, but I am trying to become messier and less afraid of failure. That applies to this blog as much as anything.