Start of a blog streak – Change agents

Seth Godin has (again) made something clear to me (see his blog post here). It is clear that as human beings it is worth focusing on change agents. Especially if you want to make a difference.

These change agents can come in many forms: A birth, a death, a graduation, a promotion…..even something as mundane as a shower – change agents are all around us. Change agents in the words of Seth Godin: “give us an understanding of our options and the need to respond, not to react”

Responding to something instead of reacting carries with it a sense of intentionality, of work, and of effort.

To be intentional about everything we do is the goal. Pulling us from that goal are a million different forces. The world turns and entropy bites us in the bum despite our intentions.

To my mind, small breakthroughs can come from recognising a change agent. In a corporate, industrial setting, the agent may be a step in a long-winded process where a box must be ticked, a report generated. A need must be met and this requires something to change. In the artist’s world, the change agent is the muse, inspiration, and practice that creates the work.

What is your change agent?