The value of writing

Why write a blog post? A book? An article? To quote one of my favourite bloggers: “Being able to write well is a result of being orderly in your thought processes. Economy of words allows the truth to be seen more clearly. Great speechifiers are rarely great doers.”

What I take from this is that clarifying your thoughts and opinions in writing is often a step towards being able to act on something. I can think of no better reason to write well and succinctly.

The world seems full of people who are willing to read and consume all day, and to write poorly on social media. Perhaps there is a need for people to take writing more seriously and to do so with the aim of acting out something specific in the real world.

My own writing has fallen off a proverbial cliff lately. We just had our fourth child. However, we are slowly emerging from the fog of newborns and I feel more than ever the need to write and then to act.

The birds are tweeting outside my window. It’s time to get up.

Happy Monday y’all!